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Artificial Intelligence

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The perfect “Electronic safety kit” for isolated people in need of safer environment

EHealth Box is a compact AI device dedicated to people in need of specific care:
– Alzheimer’s
– Elderly people living alone at home
– People with disabilities.

How does it works ?

EHealthBox automatically records user’s daily routines

Placed in each room, the device is able to detect any potential problem

The EHealthBox check mainly : Home security, Coherence of life, Hygiene, Meals, Sleep & Fall detection. If something seems wrong, the person you want to will receive a warning message on his phone.

How does it work ?


What’s NEW ?

Newly designed sensors and hub

Smaller and easier to use !

One movable sensor
To place in a room of your choosing

Installation process has been simplified

More precise and valuable info for the user’s close

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